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The best pest control in Brisbane! Easy If there is a pest in your house or garden and you want it removed, we do it – it really is that easy. That's our business, protecting you against those creepy crawlies that you can't always see. Professional We are a licensed operator with Queensland Building Services Authority (Lic No: 104 9358) and hold insurance(Insurance Termite Accreditation 02711) to make sure that you are never unprotected. In addition to this, we are a Termatrac Credited operator (Accreditation No 260405LA). Fast response Why not call use today for a free quote and discussion on what you might need in your home…REMEMBER, it doesn't matter whether you OWN the home or RENTING…you still have to live with these little creature comforts…. Rodents Insects Termites Spiders

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